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The Women's Swimming Recruiting Process

Is it your goal to be a Collegiate Swimmer? Do you spend countless hours trying to perfect your backstroke, your kick to be the best you can be? All while trying to maintain great grades to get into
your dream school? Well you’re not alone! It’s a goal of many high school athletes to play in college, but the statistics say less than 7.0% will swim at the next level.
The weekly time commitment of a Division I Men’s College Athlete is roughly 32 hours a week. If you’re willing to put in the time, RSA is willing to help you find the perfect fit.

Like the athletes we represent, we're in the business of results.

And getting the best results means putting yourself in a position to achieve that swimming scholarship. We are on-the-ground scouting at its best. For the last 30+ years. RSA has seen countless student-athletes receive collegiate offers. We know what it takes to get you there.

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