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The Women's Soccer Recruiting Process

Recruiting for women’s college soccer is as competitive as ever and part of an ever changing landscape. About 9.5% of High School girls soccer players get to play college soccer at any level. No matter what league you play in at a national or state level, there is a lot of great competition out there for college soccer roster spots. The recruiting process can be overwhelming, time consuming, and can lead you down the wrong path.  Take a deep breath and know that RSA has your back with years of experience in women’s college soccer recruiting. Keep working on your skills but make your grades and being a person of high character a priority! There are many players that WANT to play college soccer or like the IDEA of playing college soccer.  Receiving sound personal guidance combined with your ability, taking care of business in the classroom, and being committed to the process can make you a player that WILL play college soccer.

What are your college soccer options?

Every college bound soccer athlete has their own preferences, personal background, and college goals that makes their recruiting process unique.  RSA Soccer Scouts tailor their recruiting advice and marketing efforts around the individual athlete.

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