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The Women's Basketball Recruiting Process

Getting a roster spot no less a scholarship for women’s college basketball can be a huge challenge! If only 6.5% of high school girls basketball players get to play college basketball at any level, how can you possibly get your shot?  Starting early in the process, understanding the recruiting rules that coaches have to follow, and knowing the academic requirements to be eligible will all be important to your recruiting success. Having a realistic approach to your recruiting along with a honest evaluation of your ability is the best way to start down your path. You are going to get one shot at getting recruited and the way you go about your recruiting process will determine whether it is a layup or a full court attempt at a buzzer beater.

RSA works with athletes committed to the process and knows what it takes to achieve recruiting success.

RSA Basketball Scouts want to get to know you and your family personally to understand your goals athletically and academically.  Having the opportunity to play college basketball is a privilege for the very few and it is our honor to work with you toward achieving your dream!

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