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The men's Volleyball Recruiting Process

The recruiting process can start as early as the 8th grade and should be an exciting time for student-athletes, yet it causes anxiety and stress for most. There are approximately 68,000 high school boy volleyball athletes in the United States, and growing. The 245 Men’s Volleyball programs, also growing, are comprised of the following: 24 Division I, 25 Division II, 109 Division III, 46 NAIA, and 41 Junior College. So only approximately 4.6% of high school athletes go on to play at the next level, with only .7% of those being at the Division I level. Each level has it’s own set of criteria, as should the student-athlete. Knowing the right path to take is important for the success of the student-athlete and saves the family both time and money.

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RSA advisors are at a number of large club tournaments where the majority of the recruiting takes place. As an RSA athlete, together we take a proactive approach to communicating with college coaches across the country at every level. Based on the athlete’s academic success and athletic ability, we educate and guide families through the recruiting process in volleyball to find a realistic fit. Our goal is to help find a 4 year home where he or she succeeds in the classroom and on the court. Here are some other benefits…

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