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The Men's Basketball Recruiting Process

Your goal is to play college basketball, yet you have heard that less than 1% of HS boys basketball players make it on to a NCAA Division 1 roster.  Whether you have Division 1 talent or you think you have the ability to play college basketball at any level, getting evaluated and having some trusted direction in your recruiting strategy is a must for the college basketball recruiting landscape. Gaining realistic insight can save you and your family a lot of time and money.  College basketball coaches want to hear from you, they want to get to know you, and they will want to see you play multiple times. Start early enough in the process to make that happen while also focusing on your skill, athleticism, and academics. If you are confident college basketball is in your future, you have the grades plus time management skills to handle two part time jobs- academics and basketball, and you are serious about pursuing your college goals, then it’s time to get with your RSA basketball scout.

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RSA Basketball Scouts will cover all facets of the recruiting process with you as you prepare for your college basketball and academic future.

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