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Having talent and ability is only the first indication of when to get started.  An athlete dedicated to the process and completely committed to pursuing college academics and athletics is necessary for success.  In some sports it is advantageous to get started in the 8th grade, but at RSA, we are dialed in on the person first and our full evaluation will help determine readiness.

Click on the”‘Get Started” button on the home page and put in your sport information.  A college scout specific to your sport will be in touch to answer your questions.  You can also email your questions to

While getting invites can be exciting it does not mean that you are actively being recruited by that school. Athletes all over the country receive camp invites. In fact anyone in that schools database may receive an invite. Colleges get email addresses from a variety of sources and send camp/showcase invites to everyone on that list.

Yes both are going to play an important role into your recruiting process. Not only can it determine what academic university you may be able to get into but it can also plays a big role in academic money you may receive. Athletic money is limited in many NCAA sports so having higher grades and test scores can in many instances provide you with an academic scholarship.

Your schedule in many instances is what gets you an opportunity to play or be seen by many college coaches. College coaches often can not come to see you during the HS season so they depend on the summer and off season to see potential recruits. Therefore putting yourself into a position to be seen by them is going to play a big role.

Although new NCAA rules are discouraging early recruiting many sports are still committing kids at a young age. How they do this is by connecting with the student athlete through a trusted source, such as an RSA advisor. There are some sports such as lacrosse and softball that do not allow contact with a PSA before Jr year however they are still evaluating the athletes well before then. Therefore it is very important to be on their radar as early as you can.